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„Arthealing“ or „Applied, Ethical Design of Consciousness“
(subject of copyright)

What does this art style involve?

"In the pictures of Gudrun Weerasinghe, the style elements change from the superficial likeness to today‘s arthealing, as she calls it, because pictures receive a character through their creation. They involve metaphysical vibrations which can have an effect on the observer and influence and change his mood."
(magazine: Kunst aktuell - "Art Today" - June 1998).

The psychological and mental characteristics implanted in my works using a spiritual technique emit more than the colouring and design usually applied would be in a position to radiate, Thus, a gloomy, grey picture with "hanging" shapes nevertheless emits, for example, bright, light joie de vivre thanks to the information which is input in a targeted manner Anybody who deals with an arthealing work of his choice or even lives with one cannot help but perceive a positive energetic change in himseif.

If you would like to profit from the qualities input into the pictures, don't just open your eyes in order to superficially take in the effects and waves of colours and shapes which are indeed only the reflections of whatever is influenced by the light, but instead open your soul to an equal degree in order to recognise the force of Iight implanted in the works.

Or, however, close your eyes and let the impression of the light radiation force have an effect on yourself and, in this respect. enjoy the energetic characteristic (wrapped up in the oeuvre) appropriate for you. Experiment, try - irrespective of the colouring or design of the picture - to find out which psychological and spiritual attribute makes you feel particularly weIl.

I wish you no end of pleasure while doing so! Gudrun Weerasinghe

By the way: The term ARTHEALING is subject to copyright protection. I personally code and entitle the works of art with the term ARTHEALING. My artefacts which do not exhibit this term are not works with "targeted" magnetism. The information included in the pictures can be checked and verified using certain methods and devices.

Not all my paintings are "arthealing" works!

Within my creative work, you will, of course, also find works which are not deliberately magnetised but "only" expert their effect through their purely superficial colouring and design, through painting materials, types of application, the style etc. and constitute a statement for the observer in each case.