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German artist Gudrun Weerasinghe graduated in visual art and design in Essen, Germany (bachelor of arts and design). Various study tours through all continents followed by, which influenced and inspired the artist and her special way of painting. For a long time she lived in Liberia and in Sri Lanka. In the coming years Gudrun Weerasinghe developed the style and the term of "Arthealing" / "Applied, Ethical Design of Consciousness" (subject of copyright). The style ARTHEALING articulates the dialectical comprehension of her art: healing through art and healing of art, thus somehow reflecting her critical attitude towards certain tendencies of contemporary art. In opposite to these very popular modern "artstyles" (supported by famous, worldknown museums), that define themselves by extremely cruel killingtechniques of animals to amuse their pseudo artinterested visitors, Gudrun Weerasinghe’s provocative maxim is:

Animals do not exist to serve Art,
Art exists to serve the Animals.

For Gudrun Weerasinghe is the essence of the art something as individable connected with the ethics of her being defined as an Animal Welfare Activist. You get more informations about her provocative maxim under the button "Media", and the article written by Prof. Dr. G. Schmitt "Arthealing".