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Text from the artbook
"Master of visual arts"



...Among other things, she uses silk (artificial silk for the sake of the protection of animals) as a painting ground. The artist explains that quite consciously she lets the colors run into one another in order to represent harmony by this. The artist who believes in reincarnation starts out from the idea that man, animal and plant are one. Her deep respect of all kinds of life pervades her entire work.

... In this edifice of thoughts, imagination, inspiration and intuition adopt leading roles and lead to poetical titles of the pictures such as “Fairy-tale in Red”, “Being spitting Fancies” or “Flying Elephant”.

An overall view in floating colors opens up, a direct transformation of the spoken word into pictures. Gudrun Weerasinghe`s works are the attempt to give thoughts pictorial quality; they characterize intermediate stages of theosophical-symbolistic pictographs and cosmic abstraction. The style developed by her called ARTHEALING articulates the dialectical comprehension of her art: healing through art and healing of art, thus somehow reflecting her critical attitude towards certain tendencies of contemporary art. In 1931, Stefan Zweig wrote in his study “Healing through the spirit” about the Austrian physician and scientist Anton Messmer, a friend of Mozart`s as well as a representative of the enlightenment movement and precursor of psychotherapy: “Perhaps a kind of physics working with more and more refined metrical devices will prove tomorrow that, what today we suppose to be a mere psychic power wave, is indeed something more substantial, a really visible thermal wave, ponderable and measurable energy (…)