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Article from the magazine "Velvet"
06 / 1993


There are pictures which attract attention to such an extent that immediately you forget all bigger and smaller everyday problems. And there are artists who convince by the mere message and the depth of their pictures. An excellent example for this is the paintress Gudrun Weerasinghe from Essen who does not consider her pictures as prestige objects for certain buyers who are pseudolovers of art but who wants her pictures to be understood as ,,positive bright spots" meant for people living in a world which is characterized by suffering and misery. And just for this reason she paints only with cheerful, bright and warm colors and never uses dull, dark or sad materials.

During her studies in Essen - art and design - she came in touch with animal experiments and at once started supporting animal protection. Thus it is not a matter of pure chance that the animal-loving paintress always tries to bring man, animal, plant and mineral into the best of harmony in her pictures. lt is especially important to her to underline by means of the third eye appearing in almost all of her pictures that animals and plants have souls and consciousness.

The artist brought up on anthroposophical principles came to know during her numerous travels around the world not only different cultural spheres but also the great world religions which she learned to appreciate. Consequently, it is not astonishing that nowadays she has found her religious home in the ethics of Buddhism where the belief in karma and reincarnation leads to respect for all living beings. Thus it goes without saying that in her painting, Gudrun Weerasinghe

never accuses though she is aware of all the misery in the world. Her massage, however, aims at strengthening and mobilizing the positive sides in human beings, of course without ignoring critical themes.

The positive presentation in her pictures which is more expressive consequently never shows earthly suffering of plants or animais. lt is remarkable that again and again luminous phenomena or other creatures appear in her paintings which float protectingly above an animal or a plant.

lt is important to her that the viewers of her pictures should not only use their brains but before all their feelings ,,to approach the intrinsic meaning of the picture".

Besides she wants to make harmony in the world perceptible anew.

And so it is not surprising that this likeable paintress follows the maxim

,,God sleeps in the mineral,
wakes up in the plant,
walks about in the animal
and thinks in man".
(Shri Sathya Sai Baba)

lt is this philosophy that is most fascinating for the artist and that stimulates her to a great deal of her painting.

Autor: Waltraud Morawietz